AI Design Sprint

Design AI Experiences from zero to prototype in 2 weeks

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AI Design Sprint is a product innovation process built on top of Google Design Sprint principles to help ideate & design AI experiences.

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Drive Efficiency & Improve Processes

Learn and identify where AI can bring the most value to your operation. Map and assess opportunities to define direction for AI as part of your overall digital strategy.


Enhance Customer Experiences

Dramatically improve existing services and customer journeys through AI. Create new service concept based on user needs with AI. Define an ethical and sustainable AI-driven approach to business growth.


Idea Generation Beyond Human Imagination

AI can help you turn your data into actionable insights quickly and easily. It can help you make sense of your data and turn it into useful information that can be used to inform decisions and drive innovation. AI can provide you with valuable insights that can help you make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

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What do you get

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Bring your team together, tech skills no bar

The client might be the head of a department or the head of a business unit. Wondering about whether or where to apply AI. Or it’s the in-house team that needs to collaborate with non-technical decision-makers in the different units.

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Develop & Validate Prototypes in weeks not months

AI can help accelerate concept creation by quickly generating ideas and expanding on existing concepts. It can provide insights into potential opportunities and increase efficiency in the innovation process. By leveraging AI, organizations can quickly generate more creative and innovative solutions, making the innovation process faster and more efficient.

How it works

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1. Problem Framing

Identify the users, their needs, wants, desires and user journeys where there are opportunities to plug-in AI.

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2. Concept Development

Map-out the current process and use AI cards to generate divergent solutions and develop multiple AI concepts.

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3. Solution

Evaluate multiple solutions, remodel the process using concepts and define possible value deliverable to users.

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4. Ethics check

Checks AI concepts ethically using our AI Ethics Cards to take conscious design decisions aligned with principles of transparency and fairness to reduce risk.

After the
AI Design Sprint

Data Availability & Tech Feasibility Assessment

Get your engineering team debriefed with us to assess solutions from the technical perspective by identifying:

- Data owners, Data sources and its quality
- Tech feasibility and budgets
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Key benefits

Develop AI solutions in a team of both technical and non-technical decision-makers

Identify how AI can plug-in to your product

Align with all key stakeholders

Co-develop user-centric and ethical AI solutions

Get an understanding of what can be achieved with AI today

Develop holistic AI solutions for your business

Get buy-in from stakeholders and future users

Speed up your AI projects through guided decision steps

                          “Nexocode's AI Design Sprint is a great framework enabling companies to move from AI aspirations to business outcomes. With these tailored workshops, you can bring together your stakeholders, learn about AI, spot new opportunities, and take your solutions to the next step of implementation. I highly recommend it to any company that wants to build resilience and leverage new technologies”

Christian Merkwirth, AI Lead at FLYR

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