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Digital identity in your pocket

DigiLocker is a secure cloud-based platform with over 50 million users. It fetches original documents and certificates issued by the central and state governments, as well as from private organisations in India. Besides being a boon for citizens by having their documents at their fingertips, DigiLocker aims to reduce the administrative overload for bureaucrats and foster paperless governance.

The sprint team

To solve problems for a billion people, we needed all the firepower we could get our hands on. Experts from the DigiLocker team joined us for the sprint and got the ball rolling.

Digilocker Design sprint user journey session


We began the Design Sprint with a discussion on the challenges pertaining to the product with the DigiLocker team. A product serving 50 million users that was still in its nascent stages was bound to have a lot of inputs on the challenges and product goals. Some of the interesting bits that came were:

This helped us identify key opportunities for us to work on during the sprint.

How Might We...

How might we post its.
How might we post its.
How might we post its.
How might we post its.

Then we set out to define a product goal to align the team on common objectives. The team decided on their 2-year goal.

In 2 years time.

It was now time to dig deeper. We then mapped the challenge, from the first touchpoint of discovering the app to signing up and linking a document to the user’s account.


Working on solving a problem to make lives simpler for millions of Indians got everyone excited, and ideas flowed in the form of sketches and Post-it notes.

We built on each other’s ideas and created a storyboard of how new product workflows should look. It was an intense exercise to align the team to one workflow that everyone believed in and wanted to test.

Design sprint crazy six ideation session
Design sprint crazy six ideation session
Design sprint crazy six ideation session
Design sprint storyboard ideation session

Prototype, test and iterate

In a day, we managed to bend time and space to churn out a digital prototype. The air was abuzz with enthusiasm to showcase the prototype to users and get feedback.

Digilocker Design sprint high fidelity prototypes.

We recruited 5 users across different demographics — from young students to working professionals, from entrepreneurs to homemakers. Since we wanted to test not just the prototype's usability, but also its explainability, we recruited users who had previously not heard of DigiLocker.

The overall feedback on the new user experience was extremely positive. All of our users liked the concept and rated the experience a 9/10 on average. One of the test users even mentioned that if something like DigiLocker exists, “It’s too good to be true”.

Digilocker design sprint user tseting

We went into the iteration week focusing on the feedback we received from the users. We improved the prototype and tested it again with a new set of 5 users. Most of the concerns that came up in the results of the first sprint seemed to be resolved in this round of testing, and the results were really positive. 

Here is what users said in second round of testing:

“I think the new sign up flow is extremely intuitive and easy to use.”

90% of the testers completed the sign-up process without any difficulties.

“I find the ‘Where to use DigiLocker’ cards very useful. I have a much better clarity on where I can use DigiLocker.”

All users who we tested mentioned that they understood the purpose of the app.

“I think searching for documents across different government departments is simple. I would love to use DigiLocker to fetch all my documents now!”

80% of our users were able to search and fetch multiple documents.

If you heard that a government body was able to improve and test their digital product over a week, you might find that unbelievable. But working with the DigiLocker team wasn’t any different than working with a startup with lots of energy and enthusiasm. We are proud to partner with DigiLocker on this project and contribute our bit to making a digital, paperless India.

I found the Design Sprint extremely productive. We discovered things we thought we knew, but actually didn’t. It gave us a chance to implement a lot of ideas that were swimming around in my head and solve problems plaguing us for 4 years. I really liked working with Parallel. They brought out the creative side in me that I didn’t know existed.

Amit Jain
Sr. Consultant

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