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The “Parallel” approach to UX design

We work like a special squad that drives everything product design on your team. We seamlessly plug into your product org and drive cross-function collaboration to solve problems and create magic.

Whether you are an early stage startup chasing product-market-fit or trying to solve problems of scale, we can be your partner in mission and plugin as an extended product design team.

Capabilities that make a “Parallel” team

Product Discovery

Strong product discovery capabilities using frameworks like jobs to be done

Data-driven Approach

Analytical approach to understanding user-behaviour using quantitative & qualitative methods

Problem Framing

Aligning the entire team on problem statements to be solved and what success looks like

Tech Understanding

Creating tech optimised solutions to deliver business value while keeping constraints in mind

Focussed & Dedicated

Teams that live, breath, eat about your product and keep context switching at bay

Process Driven

Solutions through a structured step-by-step approach to solving problems

Our unique
engagement model

30 day commitment
Flat fee billing
No padded scope
No change orders

Our engagement model brings together advantages of having a full-stack in-house design team while being highly flexible and reduce any business risks. And that too, one that can get started in weeks, not months.

We don’t believe in locking clients into long-term contracts. We’ve simple low-commitment and flat fee design subscription that you can scale-up or down as per needs. This flexible approach allows us to avoid pitches, long scoping meetings, change orders, hourly billing, and other typical agency distractions.

We plug into your business and together create a product improvement plan that moves us forward week after week with every iteration. This allows us to truly work in parallel with our clients.

Our expertise and practice areas

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    User Experience Design (UX)
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    Proto Brand
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    User Interface Design (UI)
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    Visual Design
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    Ideation & Wireframes
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    Usability Testing
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    Rapid Prototyping
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    User Research
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    Information Architecture
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    UX Writing
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    Motion Design

Have questions?

Do you work on project basis?

We don't work on fixed scope and fee contracts because
- Good design means spending more time in the problem space than the solution.

- Design is never done. What makes something done is alignment on a solution that solves a problem among bunch of divergent solutions arrived at in a set of constraints.

- Good product design needs agility. Fixed scope contracts work incentivise a deliverable culture over doing the right thing.

Are you remote friendly?

Yes, we have clients all over the world and we are able to collaborate effortlessly and deliver results. And we anyways live on Slack these days so location doesn't matter.

What do you mean by data-driven design?

We refer this to a culture where design teams are analytical in nature and make data as a basis for taking most of the decisions decisions. This could be qualitative or quantitative data derived using product analytics tools. They are also supported by our in-house team of product analysts.

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Over 90% of our design engagements are long-term where we function like an extended product design team and drive design leadership.

Book a 60 min Strategy Call with our founders

A laser-focussed call to discuss your product goals/challenges and how can we help.

Robin Dhanwani

12 yrs of experience in UX Design and helped clients like Meta, Equifax and Delhivery

Himanshu kalra

15 years of experience and has data led digital transformations for Unicorn Startups

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