Getting India to Invest in gold digitally

How we helped Gullak design an automated savings app for the masses


Despite gold being a familiar asset class & giving 5% higher returns than bank deposits, 200 Mn Indians still save manually in these non wealth creating bank deposits.

- Manthan Shah, Co-founder at Gullak

The Gullak Story

Gold purchases give higher returns than conventional ways of savings and yet, people choose traditional ways of savings where they actually lose money to inflation.
Having built successful financial products like BHIM (India’s model UPI app) and more in their previous avatars, Manthan & Dilip saw an opportunity- To develop an app to help masses save in small amounts as low as Rs 50, that too automatically leveraging UPI auto-pay and invest in India’s favourite asset- Gold.
Gullak charged us with a challenge to create a savings app that people love, trust and where people save daily. And also to do that fast. And we went from idea to launch in just 3 months!
We still continue to be a design partner for Gullak on the product roadmap. We are helping them iterate experiences, build new features, and optimise metrics.

We made

finance easy

Bringing an offline habit, online.
Bringing a mindset shift wasn’t a challenge because people were already saving in their own ways. Some with their banks, some in their envelopes and others saved cash for months and years to buy physical gold.
Our challenge was to bring a habit change.  Our users were comfortable paying their grocer via UPI but savings were still being done offline and often not systematically. They also didn’t realise the power of compounding and how small but regular savings can help in wealth creation and help them achieve their financial goals with ease and predictability.
problem 1
“Why should I shift to saving digitally?”
Solving to bring a habit change
Leveraging the benefits of compounding
To bring habit change, we educated the users on the power of compounding and showed them the impact of saving even the smallest amount of money, as long as they did it consistently.
Saving towards a goal
Chasing a goal helps us all keep going. So we designed the experience for goal-based savings in a way that’s personal, emotional and helps customers visualise their savings goals and the corresponding estimated returns.
Investing with the comfort of UPI Autopay
UPI Autopay was a fairly new concept for our audience. Our user tests also validated that the users were not very comfortable with automating their savings. We slowly eased them into automating savings by establishing the benefits of doing so and building trust around the safety & control of the method.
problem 2
“I find finance complex”
Simplifying finance for the masses
Simplifying financial jargons & concepts
With a new way to invest, came a lot of new concepts to explain to our users. We simplified them using storytelling and visual cues to make them simple & relatable.
Moulding complicated data into visual insights
The audience was also not very friendly with graphs, and so we turned data into visual insights to help users understand trends and make informed decisions.
problem 3
“Make me feel rich, just for today””
Evocative Imagery
Delightful Interactions
Friendly Communication

Moving metric

with every iteration

A data driven approach to design made it easier for us to run quick experiments, measure impact and iterate faster

Increase in customer LTV


Conversion from onboarding to mandate setup

Real Stories from Real Digital Savers
Straight forward, easy to use. Just started using it & I’m enjoying the simple steps and ease of purchase of gold. definitely worth it!
Abhi Kapadia
Gullak has helped me invest and save money. It’s completely secure and an innovative way to invest and buy gold. The experience is nothing short of amazing!
Ramesh Dev
Easy investment, easy withdrawal, and secure payments. It is completely safe and priced very well. You would LOVE the experience
Ashutosh Sharma

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