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AnyoneCanAI - A simpler & faster way creating valuable products with AI | Product Hunt
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AnyoneCanAI - A simpler & faster way creating valuable products with AI | Product Hunt
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AnyoneCanAI - A simpler & faster way creating valuable products with AI | Product Hunt
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A mission to impact 1 billion lives through better digital products

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Digitizing Documents
for a Billion People

Digilocker is India’s  huge step towards paperless governance. It enables any Indian with an Aadhar Card to access their government- issued documents seamlessly from anywhere across the globe. As of November 2023, Digilocker has over 200M registered users.

We ran a Design Sprint with Digilocker in 2019 to redesign their user journey to tackle the huge user drop-offs, increase awareness about the use cases of the application and increase adoption. The redesign of the app led to a 280% increase in user retention and a 66% increase in Aadhar verifications.

Transforming the experience of justice in India through AI

We are working with Agami, which is a maker community of lawyers and technologists to transform the justice experience in India with AI public goods (models and APIs) to  create “Judges Intelligent Virtual Assistant” or JIVA which helps judges refer relevant and updated law documents and more during case hearings.

Making vaccination
seamless for 1.4 Billion Indians

The Cowin platform is the backbone of India’s Vaccination drive. It is a centralised platform for registering beneficiaries, scheduling appointments, recording vaccination status, and issuing vaccination certificates.

We redesigned Cowin’s Vaccine Management portal for Hospitals, Public Portal for Citizens and the Vaccine Management Portal for the Government to facilitate the operations and speed up vaccination for the 1 billion people of India.
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Transforming Patient Care
at Public Health Clinics

The NCD platform is a digital initiative built to help grassroots healthcare workers screen & manage patients with non-communicable diseases with the primary objective of providing continuum of care to every Indian.

We re-designed the Ayushman Bharat NCD platform used by 1M healthcare workers across the country to screen and manage 400M+ enrolled patients.
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Making Government data accessible to the masses

The National Data and Analytics Platform (NDAP) facilitates and improves access to Indian government data. Through the platform, data sets from across India's extensive administrative landscape can be accessed. NDAP allows users to search, merge, visualize and download datasets easily.

We helped Niti Aayog build the National Data Analytics Platform (NDAP)- home for all published government data, where anyone can access, analyse and visualise data from over 1000 data sets from 48 ministries spread across 15 sectors.
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Helping government employees communicate efficiently and safely

Sandes is an open source based indigenous instant messaging platform to facilitate instant messaging for Government and public users. It is hosted exclusively at Government infrastructure and is specially designed for Government usage to allow a safe way for government employees to communicate.

We worked with NIC to help create a design system, increase usability and uplift visual design and interface to make the app seamless for day-to-day communication between government employees.
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Improving a billion lives,
one product at a time