At Parallel we make better, not perfect.

Digilocker design sprint, user journey session

The old school agency model is broken. It uses over-promising pitches, months of research, endless discussions and hefty retainers in a vain quest to build a “perfect product” that just doesn’t exist. The way products are built has changed, but unfortunately agencies haven’t.

At Parallel, we focus on solving problems to make rapid progress, instead of having endless discussions around pixels. We specialise in delivering results that would typically take months, but in a matter of weeks. With a core team of just 10 people, we're lean, agile and pragmatic, just like our designs. We help you innovate and launch products faster while the competition is still running in circles discussing “What’s the right thing to do?”

So far, we have run sprints with over 25 clients, attended training with Jake Knapp (the creator of Design Sprints), helped Facebook run Design Jams, and solved many business problems with design.

A note from the founder

Robin Dhanwani

We hate how typical client-agency engagement works. Parallel was born out of the idea of “working together” as a team.

In the last 5 years, our single-minded focus has been on creating business value through our work and finding better ways to work together. In 2016, we bumped upon Design Sprints and it changed the way we work. It was a perfect recipe with every ingredient we believed in — pace, collaboration, decision-making and validation. We were the first company in India to champion Desigh Sprints, and we're on a mission to evangelise them.

We are beyond design and designers.

Our team is a mix of product designers who can talk metrics, engineers who understand alignments, entrepreneurs who just want to get things done, managers who believe in collaboration and lawyers turned studio managers. Together, we're paving the way to product innovation through design.

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