Building better products

and also a better world

Pushing the limits of creativity and innovation to create a better world for ourselves, our partners and a billion people

“Reality and creativity must run parallely to create that magical experience and when you do it constantly,
you create ripples of impact that extend infinitely.
That’s what Parallel is all about.”

Robin Dhanwani, Founder - Parallel
Robin Dhanwani's Image

Doing things the parallel way

Good is not enough
We don’t settle for good. We always go the extra mile and aim for great to create solutions for tomorrow.
Teams that tango
Great teams, not rockstars, are what make all the difference. We bring the right people together and foster true collaboration.
Outcomes over deliverables
We don’t make you fancy decks. We build, prototype, test, and repeat to drive important metrics.
Candid partners
We don’t have people to impress and egos to manage. We’ll help you do the right thing through honest dialogues and constructive debates.
Parallel designers sitting together and doing things