Understand how users behave on your product, what they need, and how they feel

Get an in-depth analysis of what’s working well and what’s broken on your product. All backed by data, not guesswork.

Get a 360° view of how users are interacting with your Product

Get an in-depth analysis of what’s working well and what’s broken on your product. All backed by data, not guesswork.

Why do you need a ProdUX Audit?

Get to the root cause

Most UX audits identify surface level and tactical observations around heuristics. Using user tests, (product data analysis and design expertise) ProdUX audit will focus on understanding the why behind observations

Stop the Guesswork

When it comes to user behaviour, it’s almost unpredictable. Even the best of product and design “Experts” can go wrong. With ProdUX audit, you get product and UX insights backed by data.

Put your data to use

Your product analytics can be a goldmine of user insights and unlock growth. Stop sitting on reams of data and use it to make smarter decisions with confidence.

Powerful product and design insights that can move your business forward

Insights based on data, not guesswork by combining quantitative and qualitative observations with heuristics.


Design Recommendations

Solution recommendations based on a combination of qualitative/quantitative data, heuristics and best practices


Product Cues

Insights to help make strategic decisions that could fundamentally change the product trajectory



Prioritised short-term and long-term roadmap for product improvement

Start your ProdUX Audit journey now

When to do a UX Audit?

Stale User

What do clients say about our data-driven design audit?

“ Big thanks to Parallel and its designer-founder Robin. You've helped a govt team in “not only catching the fish but also teaching them to catch fish themselves in the future. ”

Amit Ranjan
Architect at DigiLocker Project

“ Parallel's design sprint process allows to involve all stakeholders in the projects - even those with no product design background, which was a big plus for us. ”

Emilien Coquard
CEO & Co-Founder, The Scalers

Have questions?

Who will be working on my UX audit?

Typically, the team assigned to a UX audit consists of one Design Manager, one Product Designer and one Data engineer with strategic guidance from a Product Strategist. 

UX audits with a more extensive scope might need more active involvement of the Product Strategist along with another Product Designer.

What tools are used to perform a UX audit?

We use our proprietary product analytics stack and the expertise of our data team to analyse data sets from almost all data sources such as:
- Google Analytics
- Precision Tracking tools (Mixpanel, Amplitude etc.)
- Clickstream Tracking tools (Heap, Pendo etc.)
- Heatmap and Screen-recording tools (Hotjar, FullStory etc.)
- Event logs

Analyzing data across different types of product analytics tools gives us an intricate understanding of user behaviour and areas of improvement.

How long does a UX audit take?

Audits can last from three weeks to five weeks.
The duration depends on a couple of factors:
- Scope of the engagement
- The complexity of the product
- Number of conversion funnels

What can you expect from a ProdUX audit?

A holistic report with expert insights obtained from synthesising qualitative data, quantitative data and heuristic observations. This report will also comprise the raw qualitative (user test recordings) and quantitative data for your future perusal.

Design roadmap comprising actionable design recommendations on tackling the issues discovered and opportunities identified during the audit.

In the Pro version, you’ll also receive a detailed competitor analysis with industry benchmarking on design patterns and key product funnel metrics (want to say this?) 

Is my data secure?

The data you share is private and confidential. We have strict controls over our employees' access to internal data, and we are committed to ensuring that your data is never seen by anyone who should not see it.

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