Facilitating the world’s
largest vaccination drive

Designing the Cowin platform at speed
Mobile & Desktop
Design sprint, Testing & Interface design

Facilitating World’s Largest Vaccination Drive

Designing the Cowin platform at speed

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Design sprint, testing & interface design

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The Cowin platform is the backbone of India’s Vaccination drive. It is a centralised platform for registering beneficiaries, scheduling appointments, recording vaccination status, and issuing vaccination certificates.

Third-party applications can integrate with CoWIN to provide additional features and services, such as online payments, appointment reminders, and vaccination tracking.

crowd outside the hospital for vaccineA person getting vaccinatedcovid 19 dose certificate

We redesigned Cowin’s Vaccine Management portal for Hospitals, Public Portal for Citizens and the Vaccine Management Portal for the Government to facilitate the operations and speed up vaccination for the 1 billion people of India.

Revamping the Cowin Vaccinator for Hospitals

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CoWIN Vaccinator was being used by 1,12,700 vaccination sites to deliver vaccinations to the citizens of India.

Managing vaccinations at such a large scale required a system designed for efficiency and accuracy to assist healthcare workers in such critical times.
overcoming lack of training in rural areasovercoming lack of training in rural areas
handling citizen's private data while maintaining privacyhandling citizen's private data while maintaining privacy
Integratin aadhaar and biometric verification Integratin aadhaar and biometric verification
ensuring smartphone compatibility for rural indiaensuring smartphone compatibility for rural india
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All of this, with the urgency of
a war-like situation
The solution

Citizen could now get walk-in
vaccinations without prior registration

To accommodate vaccinations for a larger number of people, the portal was optimised for walk-in vaccinations. This proved to be a game changer in areas with lower digital proficiency. Now, people could walk-in to their nearest vaccination centre and get vaccinated irrespective of their ability to get a prior registration.


Minors could be registered under
their guardians ID

Vaccinating children who did not have their government ID’s yet was a big roadblock on the way to vaccinating every Indian. To solve this problem, the portal was optimised to register minors who didn’t have/carried their IDs under their guardians.

cowin app screenshotpink circle
cowin app screenshotcowin app screenshot
pink circlepink circlehow might we accommodate for the different types of documents citizens could get vaccinated with

Healthcare workers could
give precise notifications
about the slots

Vaccinators needed to manage vaccine stocks and distribute slots on the basis of walk-ins, age group & the type of vaccines. To accommodate this, the dashboard was designed to give them a holistic picture of the important data.

cowin app screenshot
cowin app screenshothow might we get the information

Healthcare workers could efficiently manage queues of 1000s

We made the registration process on the vaccinator portal efficient and easy to use for the healthcare workers with minimal digital proficiency and training.

cowin app screenshot
cowin app screenshot

Vaccine stocks could be
managed with transparency

The system was optimised to record incoming stocks and usage of vaccine doses easily, to maintain realtime transparency and reduce wastage of vaccines.

woman showing the dose slip woman cheeringpeople sitting in line for getting vaccinated

We also designed the
Public Portal for Citizens

are you protected against covidIndia is running the world's largest vaccination drive
cowin is helping the countriesinternational travel and vaccinatioin
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and the vaccine management portal for the government

cowin app screenshot
cowin app screenshotcowin app screenshot
cowin app screenshot
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As a result, the Cowin team has till date..

Vaccinated 1,10,93,51,875 citizens
with 2,20,67,45,752 vaccine doses!

controlling the  pandemic and helping the country  go back to normal
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