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Designing powerful yet simple enterprise tools for travel planning and booking

Enchanting Travels(ET) delivers high quality, seamless and bespoke travel experiences, through destination expertise, personal service, and genuine care. Having been a design partner for ET for 2 years, we were thrilled and happy when they were acquired by Travelopia, the world’s largest collection of specialist travel brands, in 2019. And what makes us proud is that our work has contributed to help Enchanting Travel in becoming a Technology-Driven Travel Company.

Helping scale Tailor-made trips with precision and speed

Planning and executing a tailor-made trip for a group of travellers is a challenging feat. And for guests of Enchanting Travels, these are usually once in a lifetime trips and booked 3-6 months in advance. Ensuring that guests have a good time is of paramount importance. This focus on planning even the minute details has resulted in a 99% satisfaction rate from guests.

Feature bloat makes software bulky and hinders usability

When Enchanting Travels got in touch with us in 2017 to re-design their in-house travel planning and booking tool, it was riddled with usability issues. Adding features over the years without much focus on the end-users, making it difficult to make any changes to the tool.

When the executive team set an ambitious target to “increase the sales per travel consultant from $38,000 to $50,000 per month”, it was evident that the tool could not enable it. Over the next 2 years, we revamped existing tools and designed new ones to support business growth and provide a good user experience as well.

Planning an itinerary in minutes, that would otherwise take hours

Itinerary Planner is the heart of the entire product suite, which allows the Travel Consultants to plan an entire trip within a short time. A typical itinerary spans across 10 days, involves 4 or more people and includes as much as 60 services that need to be booked! It can be quite mind-boggling to juggle all this information. 

We created a light-weight interface that helped Travel Consultants visualise the entire trip at a glance without causing cognitive overload.

Bringing structure and clarity to data organisation

Master Database Management is a comprehensive database of all services that can be accessed by the Itinerary Planner. We worked with the engineering team on restructuring the entire system design and creating an intuitive user interface to access it.

Analysing existing services and defining a structured format for the data not only improved the Information Architecture but also enabled automation of a lot of manual processes.

Making information available at the user’s fingertips

Guest App is used by travellers to access the details of their itinerary, update the details of the fellow passengers like their name, passports, preferences, etc. This functionality was supported through a web-based interface. But, a lot of travellers preferred to have all the essential information with them handily while on the go. 

Also, we observed that users had their payment details stored on their phone and were more likely to complete their payment through a mobile app. By providing a better user experience, we were able to drive business growth as well.

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