Designing powerful tools for travel planning and booking

Using Design to solve complex enterprise problems

Enchanting Travels(ET) delivers high quality, seamless and bespoke travel experiences, through destination expertise, personal service, and genuine care. Having been a design partner for ET for 2 years, we were thrilled and happy when they were acquired by Travelopia, the world’s largest collection of specialist travel brands, in 2019.  And what makes us proud is that our work has contributed to help Enchanting Travel in becoming a Technology-Driven Travel Company.

Solving a complex problem

Planning and executing a tailor-made trip for a group of travellers is a challenging feat. And when you have some folks joining in on different dates, exploring different destinations or doing different activities while on one trip, the complexity of the itinerary increases exponentially.

Today, Enchanting Travel’s trip planning engine is the best in the industry. It is faster and simpler than its competitors. Solving a complex problem needed a fresh approach. Rather than retrofitting solutions to existing products, we decided to start on a clean slate.

Design Sprint to explore a fresh direction

In large and complex enterprise applications, we often try to solve multiple problems at once resulting in not solving anything well. Our attention is diluted and there are too many constraints that don't let us focus on a core high impact problem. It also results in not being able to validate solutions from real users periodically, which is crucial to ensure we are on the right track.

We had a challenging problem at hand and we really wanted to nail it. We decided to run a design sprint to crack this and validate the solution with travel consultants to make sure we have got it right. The sprint had stakeholders from product, tech and operations to bring in multiple perspectives.

Bringing ideas to life

A lot of interesting ideas that came up in the sprint and we explored them in detail over the next few days to ensure all the user workflows were handled and identify any gaps. Despite being a complex problem to solve, we made progress on a daily basis by being hyper focussed on solving one key problem at a time.

We created high-fidelity prototypes and put it in the hands of travel consultants, who were the end-users. The initial feedback was overwhelmingly positive. A process that took several hours and frantic back-and-forth between teams can now be accomplished from a single interface through a few clicks.

This further emphasised our belief in using Design Sprints to solve complex enterprise problems. With the right kind of planning and preparation, no problem is too tough to tackle.

Iterate and improve

Having figured out the functionality, we decided to update the visual style of the interface as well. The previous version was clean and beautiful, but with the increasing complexity, the design had to be even more minimal. We explored multiple styles and zeroed in on the one that was well-received by users. The enterprise applications that we design tend to be just as beautiful as consumer-facing products.

Creating an enterprise suite of products

In the past 2 years of working with Enchanting Travels, we have crafted interfaces for various products used by different teams to achieve better business efficiency.

Itinerary Summary

Itinerary Planner is the heart of the entire product suite which allows the Travel consultants(TC) to plan an entire trip within a short time.

Master Database Management

A comprehensive database of all services that can be accessed by the Itinerary Planner. We worked with the engineering team on restructuring the entire system design and creating an intuitive user interface to access it.


This is a single page module used by multiple stakeholders to Manage and Send booking requests to Partners for Hotels, Flights and other services planned in an Itinerary.


An integrated task-based interface which replaces Email and manual communication between stakeholders to resolve Guest, Trip and Service-related issues.


This interface is used by Enchanting travel Partners(Service providers) to Book Hotels, Activities, Guides etc

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