Design workshops for innovation in data protection

Putting people in control of their data

We partnered with Facebook to run innovation workshops for startups across 3 cities helping them make their products more transparent & give users better control over their data. Workshops were attended by participants from companies like Flipkart, Phonepe, ClearTax, Zerodha and more.

Sprinting faster and at scale

A Design Jam is an action-packed intensive day where stakeholders from different domains like design, research, legal and policy are brought together to collaborate and co-create solutions on improving data privacy and giving users more control over their data. Having conducted 20+ Design Sprints in the past 2 years and being the pioneer in conducting Sprints in India gave us the expertise to run Design Jams effectively.

On average, we have 50+ participants split into multiple teams working on different problem statements, all at the same time. If you thought a Design Sprint is fast, then Design Jam is Design Sprint On Steroids.

How did this come about

In 2018, Facebook hosted a series of workshops with policy professionals and civil society to unpack privacy in the Indian context. One of the focus areas that emerged from these workshops was an interest in understanding - how we can create trust, transparency and control in the digital experience for the next billion, first-time internet users?

India is at the stage where discussions around “Data Privacy” were restricted to savvy techies and policy enthusiasts. In a country over a billion people and millions of first time internet users, we worked with the Facebook team to come up with ‘Design for Bharat’ as the theme for India jams.

Parallel has worked on a variety of consumer facing products over the last 5 years which gave us a good understanding of the state of product design and data privacy in India. When we met Charu Chadha, Policy Programs Manager, India & South-east Asia at Facebook to discuss this engagement, there was a lot of synergy between Facebook’s goals for this project our experience in the Indian market as well as with design sprints.

A successful partnership

In a span of 6 months, we hosted 4 Design Jams across India in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi. Each event was akin to 8 design sprints happening in parallel ! Hours of research, meticulous planning and loads of passion made sure each event was a success and acted as a catalyst to change the purview of design in adopting a holistic view on designing for trust, transparency and control.

Designing across domains

The exciting thing about Design Jams was the fact that each Jam focussed on a different theme. Some might say getting up-to-date on a new domain each time is arduous. But for us, it was fun to dive deeper into new personas, understand challenges in new markets and work with new people. During these jams, we interacted with the startups taking part in the Jam, think-tanks and research organisations to understand the domain and crafted exercises well-suited to the Indian product ecosystem.

Research partners


Policy & Legal partners

Organisations Participated

Tangible outcomes

The best part about Design Jams is, like a Design Sprint we have tangible solutions in the form of interactive prototypes at the end. When you have passionate individuals with different points of view, it is quite common for the conversations to become circuitous. But our experience in conducting Sprints, helped us get the teams aligned towards a common goal and keep moving. Every team surprised us with what they accomplished in a day.

Enabling change as educators

The policymakers drafting the laws and regulations governing Indian citizens were quite passionate about their work and were keen to learn the principles of product thinking and collaborate with designers to create products that were not just legally compliant but also had a great user experience. We are glad to be a conduit for training folks from diverse backgrounds on principles of good design and rapid prototyping.

What people have to say on Design Jams

“It’s amazing to see how a diverse group of people can in a single day go from deeply understanding a problem to creating prototype solutions that can really change the world.”

- Dan Hayden, Data Strategist at Facebook

“The mindset with which we have been developing products for the first 100 million users might not be necessarily used for developing products for the remaining 900 million users in India. So that is essentially why we need to re-think our product design principles and how technology would impact these people.”

- Dharmesh BA, Head at D91 labs

“Highly energetic”

- Sameer Bhiwani, Vice President - Design & Customer Experience at Scripbox

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