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Thousands of people may use the latest startup apps, but millions will use even the most difficult government apps. We're here to improve public services by bringing great design to government tech.

Design sprint voting session

Digital India is transforming the country

Digital India
Launched in 2015 to bring government services online
government apps on Mobile Seva app store
downloads of government apps

These new government tools are loaded with features, but they’re not very easy to use. Many citizens switch to more popular, paid tools that do the exact same thing, or they pay agents to fill out government sites for them. This just costs them unnecessary time, money and effort.

Great government tech isn't just about pretty pixels.

It's about making it work for the millions of humans who will use it.

Design Sprint Ideation session

What if we could make government tech better in 10 days, not 10 months? 

We’re on a mission to bring human-friendly product design to government tech. We know, that's intimidating, but it's not impossible. We're up for the challenge.

Digilocker app UI UX Design

Re-imagining digital documents for a billion Indians

Product Strategy  /  Design Sprint  /  UX Design  /  User Testing

We used a Design Sprint to reimagine DigiLocker’s product experience. Our goal was to improve user adoption by simplifying onboarding, making the product clearer and easier to understand, and improving the overall experience. It was a matter of great pride for us to work on a product that can affect every Indian’s life.







Read the case study
National Data and Analytics Platform (NDAP)

Vision document to user-validated designs in 4 weeks

Product Strategy  /  Design Sprint  /  UX Design  /  User Testing

Niti Aayog knew they needed to build the National Data Analytics Platform, but they hadn't figured out a design yet. We partnered with them to convert their ideas and vision document into a high-fidelity, user-tested prototype that greatly helped them speed up development.




Data Sets

National Data and Analytics Platform UI UX Design

Quicker, easier product design through Design Sprints

Team alignment


We start by aligning everyone on the basic questions: what the product should do, how it should work, how it should feel, what will make it break, and more.



Next, we work to inclusively create and combine our solutions into one great wireframe. With structured processes and no hierarchy, no one gets lost in the crowd.

user test and validation


To see if our solution actually works, we create a high-fidelity, clickable digital prototype and test it with users. This helps us learn what works and what doesn't.

I found the Design Sprint extremely productive. We discovered things we thought we knew, but actually didn’t. It gave us a chance to implement a lot of ideas that were swimming around in my head and solve problems plaguing us for 4 years. ”
Amit Jain
Sr. Consultant, Digilocker
We were extremely impressed by Parallel’s ability to work with a large group of government officials, researchers, and developers. They were able to translate everyone’s ideas into something coherent, tangible, and visually appealing. ”
Ronald Abraham

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