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Reimagining Analytics with AI

Incubating our first AI-powered Analytics Tool

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Meet the client

Apperture is an analytics tool, incubated and built ground-up at Parallel, designed by reimagining the boundaries of spreadsheets down to their core design. It helps businesses reach actionable insights faster by combining the familiarity of spreadsheets with the power of AI, without the hassle of complex data pipelines and storage.

Why ‘Apperture’?

Have you ever seen a perfectly clicked shot? A shot that captures the essence of a scene? A shot that tells a thousand short stories and anecdotes? A shot that has a purpose behind it and seizes the right emotion?

Apperture helps you in capturing the right shots of your customer’s journey. It sets the right apperture to shed light on what is essential, and every time you see those captured shots, you go, “Whoa.”

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Code Just ask Apperture

Analysing data shouldn’t be limited by a user’s ability to code complex
schemas and SQL queries. So, we designed the platform to help users
code using written prompts so they can jump straight to analysing their
data, regardless of their skill in writing structured queries.

Only what you need to see

Data visualisation has always been limited to data of small quantities.  The more complex the data gets with every added attribute and variable, the harder it is to present in a readable-actionable form.  We designed Apperture to help businesses eliminate this problem by identifying the dips and peaks in your data on a multi-variable landscape in real-time using AI and presenting it in an actionable form.

Love to be notified

Time is crucial for everyone and even more so for businesses. Apperture’s AI-powered workflow prompts you to create real-time triggers and allows you to create custom notifications, so you always have a complete view of your business metrics.

customise your alertscustomise your alerts

All your Insights,
only designed better

Data analytics tools being a high consideration offering, we didn’t want our customers
to be needing to update their entire stack of tools and databases to be able to benefit
from Apperture. We designed Apperture to connect seamlessly with any
existing product analytics, databases, and CRMs instantly to derive measurable
insights that are most actionable for the user.

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