The character that listens

Building a virtual Chief Listening Officer 


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Xto10X is a B2B solutions company which provides products and services to help over 200 companies scale up their operations efficiently.
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It’s important to talk

In our long engagement with xto10x, one of the challenges they brought to us was how to make their employee feedback platform more efficient.
A girl thinking
male thinking

Where was the gap but?

Our user research and the subsequent design sprint pointed to the fact that employees were not comfortable sharing their woes to the portal. 

How might we create a platform for teams where they feel supported

Characterize to Humanize

To humanize the portal, we chose the path of adding a character with a empathic, calm and friendly personality to make employees feel ‘as if they were talking to a person’
clo message cloud

User Research

To create a character employees would trust and feel comfortable with sharing their woes, we needed to figure out why, when, how and to whom the user’s spoke to about their concerns.
spaces that feel safeways in which you confide inwho do you confide inwhere does one open up about their feelingswhom do you trust when sharing your feelings

Creating a Personality

User’s responses during the user research landed us on multiple keywords around which our character had to be crafted.

Bringing CLO to life

To make the character from scratch, we moulded the user’s keywords into personality characteristics which then translated into the physical representation of the character.
clo sketches imageclo sketches imageclo sketches imagecircles make your character feel soft and friendlysimple characters are dynamic in nature
Initial sketching phase

Many faces of CLO

Once we had our Chief Learning Officer:CLO, we created versions of it depicting each emotion that would be needed to communicate to the user.

CLO in action

The last step was appropriately integrating different versions of CLO throughout the portal to give it the essence of a sentient personality.
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