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eat fresh hero imageEatfresh UI design screen

Eatfresh is a food-tech startup based out of Bangalore that delivers handmade meals from the best chefs in town. As opposed to other e-commerce websites, where people only go shopping for food, Eatfresh aimed to make chefs and their creations central to the platform. Every new day would bring a different set of menu items, which would appeal to the customers by giving them a variety of experiences. The design needed to draw users' attention to the beautifully shot imagery of the menu items and to get them through the ordering process as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Eatfresh UI design screen

A smaller item list meant that the majority of elements in a traditionally itemized ecommerce site could be trimmed down

The Eatfresh model of food-tech meant the whole idea of categories could be culled without losing value. In fact, this would prompt users to explore items they would usually ignore. As an effect, this meant navigation between pages only served a secondary purpose.

Eatfresh UI menu design screen

Preview images were no longer limited to the size of thumbnails.

Since the menu is updated every day, the list of items would be limited to around twenty dishes. This granted us the opportunity to leverage the power of visuals to bring out the flavour in each menu item. We no longer had to use thumbnail-sized images to showcase the dish; these dishes deserved better than that.

We used the screen real estate to the fullest extent to advertise the dishes in mouthwatering detail, along with tidbits of nutritional information and even reviews by users who ordered the dish already.

Eatfresh UI design screen

The speciality of Eatfresh is the team of chefs that make the food special.

For every item in the inventory, there was a chef who was credited for it. The chefs have their individual profiles with a biography and chef’s recommendations, just as you'd see would in a fine-dining restaurant.

Be it login or signup screens, checkout or empty states, we made sure every bit of the experience of ordering from Eatfresh was delightful through vibrant illustrations.

Eatfresh UI design illustarations

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