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Ekta Tibrewal
Ekta Tibrewal, Co-founder
Ex-Curefit, Disney
Aakash Rajwade
Akash Rajwade, Co-founder
Ex-Flipkart, Google
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We are here to acknowledge the need to better serve women for their specific health needs along with bringing in gender specificity in solutions for women.
- Ekta Tibrewal, Co-founder at Savage
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Designing a fitness app not just for all women..
...but for each woman

Being Savage

A powerful walkthrough to introduce the app to the users

Women are Savage!

Personalised profiles to bring out the special behind each user

An app that speaks

Interactive and personalised home screenfor an engaging experience

Needs = Wants

Creating intrigue and desire through exclusivity and urgency

It’s fun to wait

Using the waiting room as a space for community building

Never alone

Increasing engagement by bringing a feeling of warmth & togetherness of a close community

Win & win

Prioritising consistency over competition as the key to progress

Menstrual cycle is more than some dates

A menstruation tracker that helps you know your body better

Keeping a check!

Making progress tracking holistic and usable

Death to diet charts

Replacing diet charts with nutrition plans that are easy to follow

Showing up matters

Improving participation with a schedule that’s truly personal

Motivation by Celebration!

Building motivation celebrating the journey

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A laser-focussed call to discuss your product goals/challenges and how can we help.

Robin Dhanwani

12 yrs of experience in UX Design and helped clients like Meta, Equifax and Delhivery

Himanshu kalra

15 years of experience and has data led digital transformations for Unicorn Startups

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