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The need to be Savage

Savage was born when Ekta Tibrewal and  Akshay Rajwade noticed the huge gap in the women’s health and fitness market, which needed a holistic solution that catered to each woman differently.

Akshay and Ekta saw the need to provide holistic, personalized, and evidence-based wellness programs for the millennial Indian woman. Their motivation stemmed from their experiences working in the fitness industry and a realisation that women's health was often overlooked or inadequately addressed. Akshay and Ekta aimed to create a solution that would cater to the unique physiological and hormonal needs of women, focusing on issues such as PCOS, hormonal imbalances, and overall well-being.

It’s always personal

With a personalised experience, we engaged users more emotionally by being a virtual coach on their fitness journey. We created a modular app experience that customises itself based on user preferences, behaviour, skills, goals, habits and 7 other parameters to give users the right nudges at the right time.

Consistency over competition

An obvious yet interesting challenge we had to solve was ensuring users continued on their fitness journey to maintain healthy retention rates for the app. We solved this by gratifying users for being consistent on their journeys rather than promoting metrics that made them compete against each other.

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Chasing fitness together

We wanted to create a community of women that motivates each other towards a consistent wellness journey. To enable this, we added multiple touch points where women could share their fitness experiences and celebrate each other’s progress.

The joy of wellness

Fitness and tracking your health goals can be daunting and people are often overwhelmed by the distance yet to cover. The entire communication throughout the app was crafted to reduce the user’s anxiety, so they would be more empathetic and accepting towards their own varying pace of progress.

More than just a tracker

Inspired by the different hormones during various phases of the menstrual cycle, we designed a menstrual tracker that caters to users' varying needs during each phase.  The visually dynamic tracker represents each cycle phase distinctively with different colour schemes throughout the app. This helps the users be aware of their phases even without opening the tracker. It also tracks different phases of a user’s cycle and provides dynamic suggestions at multiple touchpoints based on their daily needs and selected preferences.

Making the business healthier through design