AI-based live chat platform for a Y-Combinator startup

Design Sprint
Equifax design sprint team orientation at parallel labs

AI is making it easier for us to do things every day, as well as providing us with new ways of looking at old problems. Amongst the plethora of AI-based products, one amazing application is chatbots. Verloop is a Y-Combinator startup that blends AI and live human interactions in a chatbox. By bringing the power of AI to live chat, it helps businesses connect with their users more efficiently and reduces the effort for support agents by up to 75%.

Chatbots interact with more customers faster than humans will ever be able to.

The founder, Gaurav, approached us after product validation and getting some initial paying customers. The product was ready to go global, but it needed to look well-rounded and effective, as per international standards. One of our chief objectives with Verloop was simplifying the information exchange between the chatbot and customers for improved interactions. We also wanted to get the Verloop brand to show through the user’s interactions with the bot.

Verloop Logo Design

The final version of the logo.

The final design had an approachable personality — an abstract bot with ‘eyes’ that would blink occasionally! The bot would be embedded on websites, and this design worked quite well on a wide variety of visual styles.

Verloop Logo Design
Verloop Component UI design
Verloop Component UI design
Verloop Component UI design
Verloop Component UI design

The design was fine-tuned, keeping in mind certain usability heuristics for the technology.

Just as a website design can be judged based on certain usability heuristics, many of the same can be adapted for use in a bot. Below are instances where these criteria came into play:

System status communication: The system’s status should be clear to the user, whether further input is expected or the bot is processing provided input. An interaction was designed to communicate to the user that the bot was “thinking”.

Verloop chat screen design

Minimalist design and consistency across websites: The visual system had to be adaptable to the visual language of each website while preserving Verloop's brand.

Verloop chat screen designVerloop chat screen designVerloop chat screen design

Flexibility of use: Despite being constrained to the limited space of a chat box, there had to be different kinds of inputs options for the user to interact with the bot.

Verloop calendar screen designVerloop plan screen designVerloop plan screen designVerloop map screen design

Error assistance: In scenarios where the bot had limited capability, it needed to be equipped to handle the user’s request in a suitable manner.

Verloop chat screen design

It was a challenging task to work within the constraints of the current bot technology while adapting it to the users' needs. Keeping certain usability principles as the scaffolding helped us to design a product that met user needs.

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