Delivering a consumer app for
India’s largest delivery company

Design sprint, Testing & Interface design

Delivering a consumer app for
India’s largest delivery company


Design sprint, testing & interface design

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Delhivery started as a supply chain company in 2011 and grew up to be one of India’s largest shipping company channeling over 2.1 billion shipments since its inception.
In 2021, Delhivery came to us with the idea of creating a consumer app that would make it convenient for the recipients to access and manage their deliveries from multiple e-commerce websites through just one unified portal.
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Delivering ourselves to the delivery centre

Understanding the scale of a business that shipped millions of parcels every year was a challenge. So we visited dozens of Delhivery centres which route thousands of parcels every day.
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Zero anxiety delivery

Managing multiple deliveries from different e-commerce websites was always an anxious job for the users, mostly because of the unavailability of information.

With the Delhivery consumer App,  users could now see and manage orders from all their favourite brands at one place.
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Supporting the support

Manually calling the support helpline for inquiries, rescheduling, and cancellations was a tough job for the user. Manually managing these calls was an even harder, cost-bearing and often ineffective task for the business. 

We enabled the users to carry out these actions themselves seamlessly without any help from Delhivery executives, saving time and effort for the user while smoothening operations on the backend for the business.
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Don't just receive, send!

Delhivery wanted to boost its peer-to-peer delivery business.  So we made a portal where users could create a shipment, get instant estimates for their delivery and book their courier in just a matter of taps!

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