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Modernising digital experience for a brand with 40 year legacy.

  • Product Strategy
  • Design Sprint
  • User Testing
  • Product Strategy
  • Design Sprint
  • User Testing

Desiging for the youth of India

Desiging for the youth of India

Sangeetha Mobiles has been in business for a really long time. They started with selling gramophones and later pioneered into selling mobile phones. They have a really strong presence in South Indian market with over 700+ stores.

With growing E-commerce market in India, Sangeetha Mobiles wanted to strengthen their online presence. Their target audience were the Millennial and Gen-Zs. We worked on their E-commerce experience to build a product that appeals to their audience, helps them choose the right phone faster, introduces them to Sangeetha’s value added services, and add delight to the buying experience.

Smart phones gadgets

Sangeetha Mobiles wanted to establish themselves as brand that sells everything smart and not just Mobile Phones. Keeping that in mind, we added subtle message on the header in different local languages to convey this idea.

Widgets were created to help users quickly identify various smart products under different categories like Home, kitchen, office etc

How might we make an already popular brand, maintain its identity and expand it to the online young audience

Making theWise
look Modern

We wanted Sangeetha Mobiles personality to be modern and slick but not something that dilutes the legacy and trust of business. We opted for a minimal visual language that helps products and images take the center stage and enhances the browsing experience

Making mobile phone discovery and decision making 10X better

Making mobile phone discovery and decision making 10X better

Buying gadgets can be a confusing and daunting task. We made it easy for the user in different parts of their journeys. From introducing them to an Easy quiz to adding smart buying guide in Filters, we helped user narrow down their quest for the right gadget.

We also added Key Features for the detail page for the users to quickly glance through a product without going through a hassle of looking at a long spec sheet.

How might we upsell our Value added services and increase ticket size?

Upselling in context

Sangeetha Mobiles boasts a long list of Value added services that they sell with their phones. The biggest challenge for us was to explain this the users without a human intervention and with the right context.

Making 2hr
delivery delightful and special

Sangeetha Mobiles guarantees 2hr delivery in some areas. To make post-purchase experience delightful, we introduced live tracking.

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Robin Dhanwani

12 yrs of experience in UX Design and helped clients like Meta, Equifax and Delhivery

Himanshu kalra

15 years of experience and has data led digital transformations for Unicorn Startups

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