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Digitizing a 40-year legacy 

Helping Sangeetha Mobiles propagate their customer-first approach on
their digital platform

Live on desktop, mobile web
UI, UX, Strategy, User
Test & Interface design

In their 43 years of business, Sangeetha Mobiles boasts of
20M+ customers through their 700 stores across 7 states

Sangeetha Mobiles is South India's leading multi-brand retail chain dealing in international and Indian brands of mobile handsets and mobile accessories. Headquartered in Bengaluru, the company has stores in 6 states, including most of the districts in Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

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A store-like digital store

Sangeetha Mobiles came to us with a very clear objective about their app and website experience- To replicate their holistic in-store purchase experience for their customers and stand apart from the conventional gadget buying experience of the industry.

A new Legacy

A key business challenge was to reimagine the platform to be appealing to the youth which makes up for a huge consumer base for the mobile and accessory sector. We created a new modern and sleek design language by letting the blue and orange brand colours take a back seat and moving to black and white that highlighted SKUs better, making the interface more youth-friendly.

old sangeetha dashboardold sangeetha dashboard

Better the discovery,
stronger the sales

Sangeetha Mobiles' offline business boasts of its personalised buying experience where in-store employees assist you in finding the right product from the endless options available according to your need, something that needs to be replicated digitally. We analyzed user browsing and search behaviours and categorized them into distinct parameters aligned with the user's purchasing intentions. This approach enabled us to refine the search functionality, making it more tailored and efficient.

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Quicker decisions,
fewer drop-offs

With endless options available while buying gadgets online, it is very common for users not to be able to make swift decisions and then eventually drop off. Diving deep into this user behaviour, we realized users are unable to make decisions either when they are not presented with enough information or the form in which information is presented gets them too overwhelmed to make clear decisions. To solve this issue, we carefully prioritized the information available and optimized the journey for scannability enabled quick comparison and used visual filters to help users make clear and concise choices quicker.   


Compare faster

Easily compare multiple options at once for smarter choices.

Scan quicker

Quickly scan through 1000s of options with better comprehension

Filters easier

Filter seamlessly with visual cues for optimal decisions

Sangeetha More than just Mobiles

Despite having the entire stack of electronic gadgets available for its users, Sangeetha Mobiles was often miscategorised as just a mobile store brand because of the word ‘Mobile’ in its brand name. While in-store sales executives could pitch other gadgets and value-added services, communicating the same on their app and website had been challenging for them. We solved this by bringing upfront the entire stack of options available to the users, which reflected evidently in an increased ticket size.


Free Doorstep Services
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Data Transfer
tempered glass
Tempered Glass Installation
Wide Choice of Accessories
Wide Choice of Accessories
Multiple Payment Options
Multiple Payment Options
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Better experience >> Lower Price

Sangeetha Mobile has multiple user focused differentiators like 2-hour delivery, home service for screen guard application and other user focused services.  We reimagined the cart experience for their app and web platforms to highlight these USPs and value-added services. This created a more thoughtful and empathetic experience than the competition, which made users choose Sangeetha Mobiles even at a higher cost than the competition.

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